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A pioneering community of play-based educators.

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Do you want to see a revolution in early childhood?

… where play is more prized than worksheets?

…where educators are treated like the experts they are?

…where parents celebrate the wonder in your classroom?

You stand for what you believe

is best for young children.

How do you communicate it to parents?

How do you show the learning in play?

The Wonder League is a safe haven of support.

I have seen the impact of educators who struggle to speak the power of play

. . . .who struggle to document the learning only available in play.

Educators who feel defeated and return to traditional methods to sooth parent and administrator fears.

I have seen educators loose their passion for education.

You do not just believe in play.

It is your heart.

What could you accomplish with everything you need at your fingertips?

Imagine having the support and resources you need at the click of a button?  It is that easy!

We have curated actionable and practical trainings in . . .

  • Classroom Management
  • Loose Parts
  • Third Teacher
  • Process Art
  • Atelier
  • Reggio Inspired Practices
  • Provocations & Invitations
  • Hygge in the Classroom
  • Outside Loose Parts
  • And more!

Plus access to talking to over a thousand  educators from around the world!

The Global Community?  PURE GOLD.

The Wonder League will help you seize what matters most in your classroom and curriculum.

The children.

Hi, I’m Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching — and I have been there.

I will never forget the year a father came up to me a few weeks into the school year and said, “What is my daughter doing in your classroom?  It looks like all she is doing is playing.  She doesn’t need to play – she is here to learn.”

I knew something had to change. Clearly the father was not seeing the impact of play based education.

I had been researching the power of play for years.  I knew this was the right path.  I sat down to write an email to this father when it hit me.  There were major components of play based education and those components were deeply rooted in brain research.  

That night I developed my newsletter, family notes, and lesson plans to reflect these major components so I could educate the families on a consistent regular basis. 

I began using these components in my conversations, my teaching, talking to my principal and colleagues.

Within a few weeks of starting this – the impact was nothing less than miraculous. The father who yelled at me came up to me a few months later and said, “I am blown away with how much my daughter is growing in your classroom.” He thanked me for play based education.

Each month, inside the Wonder Tribe – I share The Play Code™ training and more to help you become a play based expert.

What if I don't have support

to be play based?

I get it.  I have been there.

It is not whether you have support or not – rather it is matter of how well you can articulate the power of play in your classroom.  I am here to teach you what you need to know to be effective with parents and administators.  The Play Code™ is going to be a game changer.

The Play Code™ is a special fast track plan for you inside the Wonder Tribe.

Worried learning the power of play will be too time consuming?  Actually – in reality – it is going to save you hours of frustration and struggle. 

I have created The Play Code™ for launching your expertise as a play based educator.


I have a massive vault of play-based resources.

Join a global community of over 1400 play based educators!



Reflection and Intentional Teaching Support:

  • Weekly Review/Planning Forms designed to expand your teaching wisdom. (The Wonder Maker System)
  • Monthly Reflective Forms for deepening your practice.
  • Live Quarterly check-ins.  How is your year going?  What is the best next step?

A collection of organized templates, guides, assessment tools, documentation guides,  & provocative questions. These created-for-you documents are ones I’ve used in the field – and they’ll save you so much time – no more going down the rabbit hole on Google or making your own! Get back some of your TIME.


Inspiration delivered to your inbox – on tending to your teaching heart. We want to nurture you with inspiration and even a little fun! Okay – why not a lot of fun!

What is in the Wonder League?

Take a look. . .


You want to deepen your knowledge of all things Reggio-Inspired so you can educate with confidence.


You want to expand literacy components in your program through storytelling and fairy tales.  The Fairy Tale Club is the curriculum I developed in an academic setting.


The nuts & bolts of teaching – classroom management, curriculum, planning, family involvement, and more, are all inside the Wonder Tribe.

Here’s what’s possible for YOU when you jump into the training inside the membership…

“It’s been easier to achieve our academic goals since I joined the membership! It’s been so amazing to see that happening. And because of my training with Sally and what I was accomplishing, I got promoted to Kindergarten from nursery — they wanted me to set up similar programming in that grade level and lead by example. When other teachers saw the difference it was making, and how the kids responded, they started implementing, too. And when the parents come to pick up their son or daughter, the kids don’t want to leave! Parents tell us how their child can’t wait to come back to school.”

“I’ve become a much better observer of children – I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in their imagination since learning more about Reggio with Sally. I have learned how to truly respect children and where they’re at. I embrace my teaching style and feel more confident in what I’m doing.”
Shirley Rempel

“The Membership makes me excited again — Sally’s enthusiasm and effervescence are contagious. Every time I see one of those masterclasses or lessons… they stoke me up for going back into the classroom!”
Peggy Knock

Here’s how we keep things fresh, supportive inside The Wonder League …

Monthly Wonder Based Teaching Zoom Calls 

Live Zoom calls to get coaching on classroom management, discuss the Reggio/Wonder Inspired path, the power of play and more.

24/7 PEER SUPPORT Get VIP access to a private Facebook community JUST FOR MEMBERS of like-minded educators from all over the world. Find fresh ideas, advice & lasting connections to support you around the clock.

GUEST PRESENTER TRAININGS: Trainings from leaders around the world so you have access to the newest thinking in ECE, innovative ideas, and help with unique situations. 

Ready to be supported by like-minded educators?

This community supports you through the good and the bad.

Here’s why member Helen Meissner finds such value in the membership…

“One thing I appreciate about Sally is her ability to speak clearly about all aspects of education — and her clear manner of presentation along with her passion for seeing children and other adults learn. She has been in the trenches and understands the challenges and pitfalls. And the fact that there’s always training available — year-round for lifetime value? I love that I can go home at the end of a busy day and get some quality training or time with a quality interview or article without spending a lot of time trying to find something useful to me. Plus, I can always go back and revisit later. And the community she has created and built for us? Having peers I can draw from is an amazing resource to have at my fingertips.”
Helen Meissner

Here are the most common reasons why educators join the Wonder League . . .


Many inside the membership want to know how to create the most meaningful learning opportunities they can. Some are just starting their journeys into the Reggio/Wonder based teaching world – so don’t worry about trying to do it all at once — it’s a process. 



You want to know deeply about how children develop & learn. You want to figure out how to help your disruptive students and other perplexing behaviors. There’s so much we weren’t taught in our coursework (or worse, taught incorrectly) about how young children develop. We can help children become what they are meant to be through our appropriate & intentional practice.


Some inside the membership are either in a leadership position – such as a director of a program or preschool owner, and others are teachers who want to inspire change in those around them… they have questions like: How can I get others to grab the passion for Wonder based practices? How can I provide my teachers with effective training so they can become the magical teachers I know they can be? How DO I inspire my staff – to get them to see what I see and share my vision? How can I encourage them and be a positive support for them? How do I bring new teachers up-to-speed – how do I explain our program clearly so new teachers will embrace it? Being the director or the lead teacher has its own challenges. I would never leave you to figure it out on your own. There is a huge need for support for this group of educators — and you’ll have it in The Wonder Tribe Membership.


If you’re in an academic environment where data collection and common core standards reign supreme, chances are you’re not sure how to incorporate wonder-inspired learning. You may be wondering, how do I… Incorporate play into a curriculum-driven program? Help parents embrace what I’m doing — and help them understand the why behind it? Blend wonder-based learning into my teaching while still meeting demands placed on me by the school? There are more and more of us working hard to change that trend, but the fact is, many teachers must comply with certain expectations, testing & standards for now. We can’t ignore that. The Wonder Tribe can show you how to infuse Reggio/Wonder-based learning throughout the day in an academic-heavy environment.

Your Cancel-At-Anytime

No Commitment Guarantee

I guarantee The Wonder League will give you E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to become a skillful, confident, influential educator. If you get in there and don’t experience any of what I’ve described here today, you may cancel your membership ANYTIME by simply telling us you are no longer getting value from The Wonder League. No questions, no begging you to stay, and no frowny faces next to your name. Guaranteed. So… what are you waiting for, my teaching friend? Get started on your the path of your choice!

“If I could offer a celebratory toast to Sally and all that I’ve accomplished with her teaching, guidance, wisdom and support, this is what I’d be celebrating…” “A teaching team that works collaboratively and lets kids be individuals who direct their own learning…teachers that are confident in their abilities to facilitate that for the kids – and fulfilled – while giving kids opportunities to discover who they are — what they’re interested in — & spark connections for future inquiry.”

The Wonder League FAQs

1. Do I have to make time for the membership on a regular basis? I’m so busy!
Short answer — no. You do you. Some weeks you may have an hour, some weeks you may have 10 minutes, and others you may have no time at all. You might have a crazy-busy month and ghost us for a bit. Nobody’s keeping track of how much time you’re in there.
2. Anything to do with tech stresses me out — how hard is it to use the membership?
You aren’t alone in that! My team will support you and show you how to log in to the membership on our website, how to access the courses, how to get your certificates for hours, and how to set up and use Facebook so you can be part of our community there.
3. I don’t really know anything about Reggio or Waldorf - do I need some experience to join?
No, not at all! Everything you need to get started is inside — and you’ll find other members are all along the continuum — from NO experience to decades of experience.
4. I work in a high-stakes environment — so will I really get something out of this? I don’t have a lot of freedom to teach the way I want to.
Yes, you will — The Wonder Tribe Membership shows you how to infuse Reggio-based learning throughout the day in an academic-heavy environment, plus much of what you’ll have access to can be used in any classroom — such as our masterclasses on classroom organization & management. We’re troubled by the trickle down of academics into the early years. There are more and more of us working hard to change that trend, but the fact is, many teachers must comply with certain expectations, testing & standards for now. You’ll be surprised just how much this membership can impact and strengthen your teaching in any environment!
5. Is The Wonder Tribe only for teachers?
The membership is designed for anyone in early childhood care and/or education. Our members include certified teachers, teacher assistants, daycare owners, private preschool owners, directors of early childhood program and more. ANYone working with young children will benefit from The Wonder Tribe Membership!
6. Will my school pay for my membership?

Great question. There’s a good chance your school will cover your membership fee, if you request approval. We’ve made it super easy for you to request approval — just download this letter and give it to your supervisor or director. If you have any questions, our team is happy to help →