Child as the Curriculum

Fairy Dust Teaching's
2020 Online Early Childhood
Winter Conference

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Children as Co-Constructors

  • Let children be the pilots in their own learning and know you are giving children their own voice in education
  • Build learning around children's own life experiences and know you are honoring what is meaningful to children.
  • Give children an environment that brings wonder and delight and enliven your own teaching spirit.

Following Children's Interests

  • Support children's growth through play centered practices and experience a powerful sense of effectiveness that you are serving their true needs.
  • Ground your teaching practice in your view of the child and educator and  discover the capacity and competency of children.

Honor the Dignity of All Children

  •  Bring mindfulness and love to building a culture of play – and feel a deep sense of peace even after a rough day.
  • Cultivate a culture of care in your classroom so that you know you have deeply connected to the children in your care and supported their growth as a community.
  • Honor children as co-constructors of their education and feel the joy that  you were born to teach young children.

Why Attend The Winter Conference?

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Grab a hot mug of tea, settle into your favorite chair – fire up your computer, iPad or laptop. Participating in this conference is that easy! You have lifetime access to all sessions.

Action Packs & Handouts

Every session has a specially crafted action pack so you can take the best of the session and put into action in your own teaching practice.

Watch When It Works!

Sessions will be released the week of February 15. New sessions will be available daily. Watch them the day they are released OR at your convenience.

  • Children have rights.
  • Children are citizens NOW, not in the future.
  • Children have a right to be heard in their educational journey.

It is time to honor all children.

I'm Sally Haughey, founder of Fairy Dust Teaching and the Wonder Tribe.

During this last year I have traveled to different parts of the world talking to early childhood educators.  There has been one common thread throughout my travels – the child is at the heart of everything.

Defined curriculum means “the subjects comprising a course of study.”  The subject underneath everything we do is the young child.

Join educators from around the world in honoring young children as co-constructors of the educational process!




Join me in learning from play experts!

Join me and 10 experts as we explore honoring the potential of all children.

Build your teaching toolkit with these dynamic and practical sessions!

Speakers & Sessions



Care as Curriculum



Listening to Children's Voices in Classroom Design



Using the Life Experiences of Children to Create Wonderment in the Classroom



Playworker, United Kingdom

Play centered practices at the heart of the curriculum



Children are the pilots in their own play



The power of curiosity and wonder with teacher relationships



Karin's Kids Academy, Romania

Nature insight, the core of every child's evolution

Diane Koplewsky and Bronagh Creery

Diane Koplewsky and Bronagh Creery

Play – our way!

Sleepy Hollow Inspired



Cultivating Conversations with Children



The Child as the True Curriculum, Teacher As the True Environment

What makes this online conference different?

This is no ordinary conference. It is a carefully curated conference of some of the world's leading experts in honoring children and their potential. We have worked hard to make this an exceptional professional development experience.

Here are all the extra special perks of this conference!


Remember how hard it is to choose which session to attend at a conference? We believe in having it all! You get access to everything! So you will not miss out!


This conference is a comprehensive training in play based, child-centered learning. You will not only gain a deeper understanding but also fresh ideas to implement!


We know teachers are very busy people. So we provide you with lifetime access. You can revisit any session at any time.

Need PD hours? Each attendee receives a PD Certificate for 10 hours.

How does it work?

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Step Six

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Are you committed to hands-on learning for young children?

This conference has been curated for anyone who wants to deepen their commitment to honoring children in the classroom.

Infant/Toddler Educators

Preschool Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

Grade School Teachers

Head Start Teachers

Day Care Educators

Home Educators


Home Day Care Educators

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Conference Begins February 15, 2020

Child as the Curriculum


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This conference was just what I needed! I am moving into a new teaching situation and due to the conference I feel so energized, excited, and ready to go with all the great ideas and information I received! Thank you!


I enjoyed every minute of this conference! I gained so much knowledge and was so excited that I shared with my colleagues and started implementing the new ideas. It gave our classroom a new look and children were enthusiastically engaged in exploration.

Mary, Director

This was my first experience with an online conference. I am a director at a Cooperative Preschool, and we decided to have our whole staff (16 teachers an administrators) participate. In summary, we have LOVED this conference. We had so many wonderful discussions during staff meetings about our observations, takeaways, how we might extend this work to our classrooms, etc. I will definitely be participating in future conference opportunities.

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