The Atelier Masterclass

Step inside ateliers around the world from your own home!

(An atelier is simply the area in your classroom or school for art making.)

Lifetime Access To 6 Sessions

Starts November 16, 2019

Are you an educator who struggles with:

  • A small space for an art space in your classroom? or no space at all?!
  • How to introduce materials?
  • Fresh ideas for projects and art methods?
  • How to get the children to clean up?
  • Finding time and space to set up materials?
  • How to organize and set up materials?
  • No money for art supplies?

… then this masterclass is for you.

Discover how other educators store and organize their supplies.

Discover their favorite process art projects and so much more!

Learn the tips and tricks for introducing art materials to young children.

Discover how other educators store and organize their supplies.

Discover their favorite process art projects and so much more!

Learn the tips and tricks for introducing art materials to young children.

The Sessions

Real educators sharing their art spaces, storage tips and favorite projects you can implement in your classroom!




Cincinnati, Ohio



Forest of Stars: A Creative Place for Kids

Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Early Childhood Educator

Ruakaka, New Zealand






North Coast Church Preschool

Vista, California



Jakarta Intercultural School


Sally Haughey

Founder, Fairy Dust Teaching

Paris, France


Gain the skills and knowledge you need to present these art mediums in your classroom with total confidence. I will handhold you and share:

– How to set up the art experience –

How to introduce specific tools and materials

How to support clean up practices


In this Studio Session, The Language of Clay, you will learn all the basics of clay including what kind to buy, how to care for clay, what tools do you need plus: 

  • Studio set-up
  • How to introduce clay to children
  • The first stages of exploring clay
  • Special techniques to teach your young artists
  • Beginning projects
In this Studio Session, The Language of Paint, you will learn tried and true tips and tricks of tempera and watercolor painting plus: 

  • How to set up the studio for painting with watercolors and tempera paint
  • The first stages of exploring paint
  • Special techniques to teach your young artists
  • Watercolor invitations
  • Tempera invitations

In this Studio Session, The Language of Wire, you will all the basics of wire including what kind to buy, how to work with wire and what tools you will need plus: 

  • How to introduce wire work to children
  • The first stages of exploring wire work
  • Wire Invitations to try
  • Beginning projects

Unleash Young Children's Creativity!

This Masterclass has been curated to give you the tools and strategies to create a dynamic atelier!


I'm Sally Haughey, founder of Fairy Dust Teaching and The Wonder Tribe!  The language of art and the power of the Atelier is near and dear to my heart.

As a child art was my salvation.  Creating art helps children develop the ability to analyze and problem solve.  More importantly – it is a powerful vehicle of self-expression and understanding.  

Art helps children find their unqiue voice. I invite you to join me as we talk to 5 educators who are making a difference with children everyday.

Join me in learning from real educators with real answers!

Here’s what is included:

VIDEO PRESENTATIONS  Watch as the speakers share their passion for the atelier and the language of art.

ATELIER ACTION PACKS Download handouts and action guides for each session.

LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL SESSIONS!! Watch the sessions when it works for you!

PD HOUR CERTIFICATE Need PD Hours? Each attendee receives a Professional Development Hour Certificate for 6 PD hours.

The Atelier Masterclass

You will be given access on November 16!



Christine Overmyer comes to CHCA with over 27 years of educational experience. She has taught in private, public and homeschool arenas. As a conference presenter, teacher mentor, or a grant petitioner, Tina actively looks for ways to build into the educational experience of others. She creatively blended the worlds of art, mathematics and science while designing discovery-learning experiences for students 3-8. She is a new resident of Cincinnati and is closer to her new grandson


Jessica has immersed herself in the early childhood education field since beginning her Bachelor degree course in Early Childhood Education at the University of Melbourne in 2003. She has founded and been at the helm of ‘Forest of Stars: a Creative Space for Kids’ for the past 7 years, running infant, toddler and preschool ateliers, as well as creative drama programmes. Together with her wonderful team, as well as the community of children and families at ‘Forest of Stars’, Jessica is constantly learning and evolving to create a nest for exploration, expression, creativity and learning. 


Catherine’s journey into Early Childhood Education began almost 30 years ago running a licensed family day care program. In 1992 she began her teaching career making her mark on the lives of young people from preschool through junior kindergarten and kindergarten. In 2006 she accepted the position of Preschool Director where she spent 3 years working on the administrative side of the business. But serendipitously, she was offered a teaching position at North Coast Church Preschool and her love for being in the classroom, where all the magic happens, won out. Catherine has stepped into the role of mentoring our new Atelierista, Miss Kristin. With the opportunity to take her love of Reggio and childlike wonder, Kristin has captured the hearts of teachers and children alike. Kristin holds her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and brings 15 years of teaching experience with her. Kristin and Catherine joyfully agree with Louise Boyd Cadwell who says it best “Each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways.” Let the play begin!!!


Currently the Atelierista at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), Jennifer is passionate about inclusion and a child-centered approach to education, celebrating the uniqueness of each child and supporting children to flourish in joyful learning that embraces their wonderings and stimulates deeper thinking, creativity and fun. She intentionally provides an inspiring learning environment that supports student inquiry-based learning and creative problem solving while fostering a compassionate and collaborative learning community for every student she works with.


Michelle’s career in Early Childhood spans over twenty-five years. Michelle’s love of early childhood education saw her undertake five years of study obtaining a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching in ECE and a diploma in infant care 0-1years and multiple-birth care. In the pass twenty years, Michelle has taught in both Kindergarten and Childcare, including a mobile Kindergarten in rural central North Island. Michelle loves being a mum to her two teenage children.
Michelle’s vast experience and passion for ECE flows from her, the moment you meet her. Always fascinated by how children see the world and the innocence of childhood.


Sally Haughey a 25-year veteran of early childhood education. Out of her teaching experience and many different education courses and workshops – there arose in her a profound understanding of the need for child led education methods that allow the child’s natural interests and passions to carry them through the developmentally appropriate stages of growth into personhood. In 2010 she started the Fairy Dust Teaching blog. In 2011 she began offering a number of online courses that now have participants in over 62 countries as well as two yearly conferences featuring world experts who promote play based education and the honoring of children’s rights. She has taken up residence in Paris while traveling the world teaching Wonder Based Education through keynotes, workshops and trainings.

You will gain lifetime access to all 6 sessions!

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This is no ordinary Masterclass.

It is carefully curated sessions of real educators who have real strategies and tips for your atelier. We have worked hard to make this an exceptional professional development experience.

Remember how hard it is to choose which session to attend at a conference? We believe in having it all! You get access to everything! So you will not miss out!

This masterclass is a comprehensive training in play based child-centered ateliers and art making. You will not only gain a deeper understanding but also fresh ideas to implement!

The Atelier Masterclass

Here's what's included:

  • Atelier training featuring real practicing educators
  • Lifetime Access to all Sessions
  • Interactive Worksheets
  • Deeper understanding of ateliers and fresh ideas to implement
  • Online Forum to comment, discuss and ask questions
  • 6 Hour Professional Development Certificate

Ticket price is per person and in USD. ALL SALES FINAL. Tickets may be transferred one time to another within 7 days of purchase.

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