Wonder-Led Approach Certified Educators

Become the passionate educator who honors

children now as full human beings.

Embark upon the life changing path of Wonder Based Teaching! This program is designed to help you to discover and develop the inner certainty, observational perceptions, and instincts needed to support and inspire the strenghts and beauty of each child in your care.

Fairy Dust Teaching's 220 hour teacher education program provides a philosophical and practical foundation for Wonder Based Teaching. This training is an integrated program that encompasses early childhood development from birth to eight years old.

This program enrolls once a year. We are now accepting applications for the next cohort entering summer 2020 with just 43 openings available.


  • Expect 5 hours of study each week
  • There is a mandatory training the first Sunday of each month from 2 PM to 6 PM.  An alternative time will be available for individuals in time zones that the meeting time is in the middle of the night.
  • Payment of tuition of $997 or 10 payments of $97.

In the Certification program we focus on the three main areas of teacher education:

  • Child development – deep knowledge and understanding of the development at work in the child.
  • Wonder pedagogy – broad set of knowledge and capacities that a teacher needs to work successfully with children, families and colleagues.
  • Self development– explored through the arts and reflective practices.


Intention One: Honoring Children Wonder Based Educators have a clear understanding of how to honor children in everything that they do. It is at the core of our values.

Intention Two: Awakening Wonder Wonder Based Educators understand how to Uncover what’s clouding their view. To see what’s driving their teaching that is possibly hidden from their view. Understanding that their view of the teacher, education, child, family, is a representation, but not the reality. This is essential is transforming how we teach and allows us to claim who we desire to be.

Intention Three: Preparing for Wonder Wonder Based Educators will be able to implement different strategies to build their relationship to their environment/materials so that it honors the child. They will also be able to take family and community involvement and help facilitate ways to honor all needs of honoring children. They will be powerfully related to what is their unique and authentic wonder based teaching pathway.

Intention Four: Witnessing Wonder Wonder Based Educators will be able to follow children’s interest and to become skilled at child observation. They will be able to understand schemas and the importance of following the verb when it comes to children and their learning.

Intention Five: Facilitating Wonder Wonder Based Educators will be able to facilitate learning with children. Educators will learn to create authentic invitations for children and then how to go deeper with provocations.

Intention Six: Beholding Wonder Wonder Based Educators will be able to Recognize and document children’s learning.

Intention Seven: Honoring Colleagues and Administrators Wonder Based Educators will be able to honor their colleagues and administrators view of the child. Intention Eight: Honoring Families and Communities Wonder Based Educators will be able to honor the family’s and community’s view of the child.

Intention Nine: Lifelong Researcher Wonder Based Educators will adopt habits that will set them up to become lifelong researchers in education.

It’s important to understand who we are and our intentions.

From the very beginning, I want you to understand what we are about.

Honoring Children . . .

-is not about whether you have plastic or eliminate plastic from your classroom.

-is not about how aesthetically pleasing your classroom is or is not.

-is about the children in your classroom being co-constructors in their education process.

-is about your view of the children as having rights as a full member of the classroom, school, and larger community.

We want to make it clear that we are a safe space for educators. Everyone starts somewhere. We are here to support each other and to lift each other up. Everyone has value to bring to the space and we take this very seriously.

Please note that Wonder Based Teaching diplomas are not academic degrees, as they reflect clock hours, not credits. Due to fluctuations and variations from state-to-state in the U.S. regarding requirements for teaching credentials, it is important you research your state’s regulations regarding requirements to be licensed to teach in a private or public school.

Fairy Dust Teaching’s Manifesto

• It is time to honor children as a global standard.

• It is time to stand up to academic push down.

• It is time to fight for recess.

• It is time to put a stake in the ground.

Wonder Based Teaching Certification is by application only.

To be considered for the 2020 Cohort, please fill in this application.


1.  Fill out the application.

2.  You willl receive a link to schedule an interview .

3.  Within 5 business days you will receive notification of your application status.

4. If you are accepted into the 2020 Cohort, you will be responsible for paying the $997 tuition.  We do have a 10 month payment plan of $97.

Please understand there are only 43 openings in the 150 spots available as Wonder Tribe members are given the first registration period.  It is important to sign up as soon as possible.



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