You CAN create an Engaging and EFFECTIVE Wonder-Based Learning environment in your classroom no matter what type of school you're in and even if you have little or no support….

…and in this FREE Masterclass, I show you how.

Watch it now.

(…and earn up to 90 professional hours while parked on your favorite comfy sofa — no, really)


Imagine leading a classroom that gives your students a wonder-filled education where…

Admin and school boards celebrate and respect your ideas, instead of cramming more assessments & benchmarks down your throat

Parents know getting their little ones “school ready” doesn’t mean knowing all their numbers and letters (they seem to forget about the social and emotional readiness kids need, can I get a high-five?)

Your colleagues refuse to turn preschools into academic kindergartens (…and kindergartens into grade ones)

Kids are encouraged to wonder, inquire, discover, explore and learn through deep play

Lawmakers STOP pushing you to force your students to do things kids are not developmentally ready to do!

Wouldn’t it be a dream to be surrounded by people who share a teaching philosophy that honors the child?

YOU *KNOW* THE CHILDREN YOU TEACH deserve to be taught in a wonder-based learning environment that welcomes curiosity, inquiry, & getting little hands d-i-r-t-y. But maybe you feel like you’re alone…

like you’re a lone duck working in a school of wolves — wolves who bash every Loose Part or Provocation and give you the stink eye when you mention ‘deep-play learning’ or that ‘mud kitchen’ (gasp!).

And heck, even when you’re NOT alone in your teaching environment, you can *still* feel overwhelmed, confused, & unclear about how to get started…

And just as children WONDER, so do you…

How many of these wonderings have crossed your mind?


Where do I find training Reggio-inspired training so I can give my kids the best instruction I can? There’s nothing around!


How do I set up my classroom so my kids feel welcome and I’ve made the most of each area & the materials?


What sort of documentation should I be doing, and how do I do that?


How do I use loose parts, invitations, & provocations? I want to make sure I’m using them to their full advantage.


How can I help other teachers around me finally “get it”?


How can I inspire my staff and keep them engaged as I get them on board with Reggio-inspired teaching?


Can I teach this way in a world of data, assessments, and academic pushdown? How can I do this when I have so many unreasonable expectations at my school to deal with?


How do I help parents understand the value behind this way of teaching? And admin!? The School Board? (take a deep breath – I know how painful it is)

You might even shoot darts of self-criticism and doubt yourself daily (…especially when you’re trying to fall asleep!)


What should I STOP doing?


What should I START doing?


Did I do ENOUGH?


Did I MEET THE NEEDS of everyone?


Will my kids be PREPARED – have I missed something?


Am I doing this WRONG? Ahhhh. (again, deep breath)

Sounds familiar, right?

And it’s not like you’re lazy or unmotivated (underpaid, yes, but disinterested? NO WAY!)

In fact, you often spend your early mornings, late nights, and weekends planning your lessons and thinking about how to make them hands-on, exciting, & provocative. (And that all comes, of course, after you’ve spent HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS thoughtfully planning AND setting up your classroom for the new cast of kids about to show up at your door…)

You love your work, but WOW you work hard… and getting paid worse than the Starbucks Barista or the greeter at Walmart is almost enough to make you want to quit…

But you won’t quit. Because you can think of nothing more important than the work YOU do every day…

It may sound like a chick-flick, rom-com, but every day in the world of an early childhood educator is filled with love, giggles, belly laughs, happy tears, even sad or frustrated tears, and discovery.

You love your kids and want them to experience learning in a natural, curiosity-driven way — the way they NEED to learn at this age. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t utterly exhausted sometimes — especially when you aren’t entirely clear on the WHAT or the HOW…

Wouldn’t it be cool if an expert in wonder-based education — who LIVES and BREATHES Reggio, Waldorf and Montessori — could just swoop in and…

Help you set up your classroom, so it’s warm, inviting, & ready for inquiring little minds who look forward to returning every day

Show you how to set up your provocations & invitations to inspire buckets of wonder, inquiry, amazement, and delight in your students

Give you the tools you need to help you talk with admin & colleagues who question what you’re doing in the classroom (Pssst! Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how to get your admin on board with your way of teaching?)

Introduce you to a community of like-minded supportive & inspiring souls who are determined to keep play-based learning ALIVE & STRONG in their world…

And then invite you into a private membership packed full of inspiring masterclasses, innovative techniques, & prepared lessons you can use and adapt as you please…

Meet your champion for early childhood education who honors the child!

Hi, I’m Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching — and I’m the wonder-based expert you’ve been looking for! I’m ready to swoop in and help you apply Reggio-inspired teaching with 100% confidence & ease, so you can become the type of educator YOU were born to be.

It’s probably no accident that one of my all-time fave songs (What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes) includes these lyrics: 🎶And I scream from the top of my lungs What's going on?🎶

Because that’s EXACTLY how I feel about the direction early childhood education has taken over the past few years.

I’m talking about…

Worksheets, skill & drill! (Yeah, that’s just how little kids learn best-argh)

Computerized tests for 5-year-olds? Seriously?

No time for play in kindergarten — are you kidding me?

Stuff all kids into the same prescribed curriculum? This. This is just WRONG, so wrong!

Politicians telling us how & what to teach? Heck, no!

Our youngest learners are no longer allowed to be CHILDREN.

And so, just like the 4 Non Blondes…

🎶 I pray every single day for a revolution. 🎶

Except I’m not just praying, my friend. I’m working my tush off and DOING what I can to turn the direction around for our youngest — and for you, their educators, who are heartbroken, frustrated and CRAZED by the educational system 3-4-5-year-olds get pushed into.

I am here on the planet to take back the wonder of early childhood because EVERY child deserves to be supported in their interests & feel valued. (Now this is a revolution I can get into!)


If you’ve got a fire burning inside you to KNOW more, LEARN more… and to EXCEL & LEAD as a deep-play based educator…

And you want to know the answers to questions like…


How do I implement Reggio-inspired teaching and learn more about loose parts, invitations, provocations, and documentation?


How can I get a really deep understanding of how children develop & learn best?


How do I encourage wonder, creativity, learning, and joy in my students?


How can I get my principal & the staff on board with this way of teaching – how do I advocate for wonder-based learning?


How do I merge the beauty, sensitivity, magic & discovery that ECE should be, with the high stakes setting I teach in?

There’s a path waiting for YOU, my kindred-rebel teaching friend…


by Fairy Dust Teaching

The ONLY global membership with EVERYTHING you need to become a wildly-competent and gifted wonder-based educator of young children



You only have 10-minute lunches and no prep time


Your district assesses your worth on how well your kindergarten students do on computerized tests


You aren’t rolling around in hundred dollar bills


Your set-in-their-way coworkers don’t get it


You don’t have the space & materials you think you need


You’ve been teaching for 2 months or 22 years

There is a proven path for you inside The Wonder Tribe Membership.


Here’s what’s going to happen when you enter The Wonder Tribe and begin unpacking Wonder Based Teaching. You are going to have a front row seat into my newly released methods of teaching.

You are going to be one of the first to be trained in Wonder Based Teaching and you will be coached by me personally!

  • I will hold your hand step by step.
  • I’ll be on the journey WITH you.
  • I handhold you through each stage of becoming an expert Wonder Based Educator and develop your personal roadmap.

This is a comprehensive course that will profoundly change your life. You will get a chance to see the scope of building a wonder based practice and I will breakdown the processes in to baby steps and actions! You will choose where you will begin. You will build your own roadmap.

This is a comprehensive course that will profoundly change your life. You will get a chance to see the scope of building a wonder based practice and I will breakdown the processes in to baby steps and actions! You will choose where you will begin. You will build your own roadmap.



Expert and heartfelt advice from me – the founder of Fairy Dust Teaching, an organization committed to the growth & empowerment of teachers like you. I do this through LIVE office hours 1X/month. I answer any & every question you ask about teaching, education, leadership & running an early education business.


A collection of organized templates, guides, lesson plans, assessment tools, documentation guides, checklists & provocative questions. These created-for-you documents are ones I’ve used in the field – and they’ll save you so much time – no more going down the rabbit hole on Google or making your own! Get back some of your TIME.


Training with guest presenters from around the world – like Teacher Tom and Deborah Stewart – on every burning topic (parent relationships, getting along with co-teachers, diversity, risky play, and STEAM – that’s not even the half of them!) Plus, new topics & guests are ongoing. Grab some inspiration or find a solution at your fingertips!


A nice, comfy ADULT-SIZED chair in a private community of passionate, like-minded educators, where you’ll find inspiration, cool ideas, funny stories, support when you need it & laughs when you least expect it. And you’ll find ME in there – I might even be coerced into doing some impromptu live FB trainings or Q&A sessions. Oh who am I kidding, I don’t need to be coerced 😉

The Wonder Tribe membership will bring your understanding of wonder-based play, Reggio-inspired learning, childhood development, and classroom management to new depths of understanding (the what, the why & the how of wonder-based learning will be second nature to you)…

Sally Haughey, creator of The Wonder Tribe – your teaching partner!

…like it has for Rixa Evershed, Director of The Learning Center in Alaska…

If there’s a particular challenge for my staff or they want to learn more in-depth about a topic, I can pull up a masterclass lesson inside the membership. Sally’s lessons always sparks something for the teachers or myself — we can have a discussion & problem-solving session. Almost 100% we can figure it out.

Just one training is a fertile soil for ideas and takeaways. That one lesson – seen by four teachers – gives you this whole flower bed of ideas. Four teachers can watch the same training and get 4 different takeaways. When you pull them together, it leads to an amazing outcome for children!

And the membership has really helped me be better at helping my staff with what they need and want — like implementation or foundational stuff. It’s cemented stuff I knew, added to my expertise, and given me an incredibly deep understanding of the what, the why and the how of wonder-based learning.

Plus, now we get great feedback from K teachers that our kids are ready for K — that helps put parents minds at ease when they ask what we’re doing for “school readiness”. Sally is so genuine and approachable. She’s accessible and collaborative and we’re all in it together — she keeps it real.

It’s like having a teaching partner right with you!

Now…I may not be able to teach right alongside you in person, but when you join me inside The Wonder Tribe Membership, you’ll have…

…EVERYTHING you need — in one organized magical place — so you can become the masterful educator you want to be…

You’d be hard-pressed to find a degree program this focused, comprehensive and in-depth to help you navigate & implement deep play- and wonder-based teaching for early childhood educators. PLUS you can earn certification hours!

Whether you need 2 or 100+, each time you finish viewing a class, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion.

The best way to achieve expertise fast is to learn from an experienced educator & leader who’s been in your shoes and can tell you the how, the what, and the why so you can teach with the skill and confidence you desire.

…An experienced educator who can guide you so you’ll know exactly where to focus your time, energy and resources first.

With The Wonder Tribe Membership, you’ll master a new level of expertise at your own pace…

When you become a member, you’ll receive an email with an online Welcome Kit. Inside the kit you’ll find:

  • A Tour the Members Club Visual Guide
  • A course tracker (optional)
  • Plus there’ll be a video of me welcoming you and getting you started on a clear path.

I’m going to warn you up front – there are tons of masterclasses, lesson plans, templates, demonstrations & more, inside the membership.

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store — or a kid in the best provocation they’ve ever experienced 😉

And so I want you to remember, you are going to create your own authentic teaching path:

You have the power for mastery by taking just one good piece every month — that’s all it takes. PLEASE don’t pressure yourself to do it all or do it fast… Take. Your. Time.

So let’s dig into the heart & soul of The Wonder Tribe Membership!

Here’s what’s inside to help you become a masterful educator inspired by the best of Reggio, Waldorf & Wonder-based learning

The Wonder Tribe Is Perfect For You If…

You want to deepen your knowledge of all things Reggio so you can lead with expertise & confidence… and teach in a way that honors each child with meaningful experiences. You do NOT have to learn it all by heart, there’s no test at the end, there’s no pass or fail. Everyone will get something different out of it — get ready for your own unique discoveries and aha’s. You'll have access to our Reggio-inspired trainings.

Inside you'll find courses like these waiting for you:

Reggio Inspired Academy

This is a powerhouse program that will give you amazing strategies in becoming Reggio/Wonder Based in your teaching practice. It has 10 comprehensive modules on Observation, Documentation, Investigations, Loose Parts… and within these modules you’ll find a total of 185 different resources.

Loving Loose Parts

Loose Parts has a huge role in Reggio-inspired teaching! We’ll cover using Loose Parts in your construction center, messaging center, art center, dramatic play, bead & wire and so much more. We’ll also explore the academic benefits and sensory gifts of Loose Parts. You’ll be an expert in no time.

Fast Track Atelier Trainings

How do you introduce clay? Paint? Glue? Bead & Wire?   In the Fast Track Atelier Trainings – we break it down into 10 minute fast track trainings.  We cover everything from how to introduce the art materials to specific explorations!

Third Teacher Bootcamp

The Third Teacher is one of the most powerful teaching tools for children’s engagement and curiosity in the classroom! In this training you will learn how to approach empowering your third teacher with The Third Teacher framework.

Yes. That may look like a lot of training, but please remember: Each module is comprised of bite-sized video instruction. I even give you Cliff Notes, downloads, templates & prompts to make it easy and fun for you to learn. And I really mean it when I say go at your OWN pace as YOUR schedule & other obligations allow.

Plus you can earn credit hours!

Certificate of Training

Each module comes with its own certificate for professional development hours. You can earn 90+ credit hours with this roadmap!

The Wonder Tribe as Literacy Covered!

You want to expand literacy components in your program through storytelling and fairy tales. Inside the Wonder Tribe you'll find these masterclasses waiting for you:

Welcome to the Wonder of Story

We’ll cover tapping magic, finding your inner storyteller, class plays and puppetry The dramatic arts are often overlooked or thrown aside by academic pushers – but the difference it can make? You will LOVE this Masterclass!

Fairytale Club Core Training

Discover how to bring each fairy tale alive & into the hands of the child. I’ll share my methodology of fairy tales and my 5 components for success. Plus, I’ll show you the 2 main ways fairy tales can be integrated throughout the curriculum *And see how these tales meet literacy needs in a high stakes environment

Fairy Tales

Ten of the most beloved fairy tales of all time each has their own masterclass so you’ll see just how to integrate each story across multiple curriculum areas.

Plus you can earn credit hours!

Certificate of Training

Each module comes with its own certificate for professional development hours. You can earn 22+ credit hours with this roadmap!

Need a boost in confidence?

You’re fairly new to teaching, looking to upgrade from assistant to lead teacher, or having a particular challenge that you’d like some advice on. The nuts & bolts of teaching – classroom management, curriculum, planning, family involvement, and more, are all inside the Wonder Tribe.

Classroom Management Mastery

First, we lay the foundation with The Marvel Mindset – then comes the Ladder of Authority. From discipline to boundaries and unlocking your authority to the MUST KNOW rules of attention, procedures vs rules, routines, and rituals, conflict resolution…PLUS My Ninja Energy Systems of Classroom Management!

Dynamic Family Involvement

Build powerful partnerships with families from the start of the year. Build trust with 5 essential tools of communication with families and find out how to bring families into the educational process.

Curriculum Blueprint

We’ll use a 4-step process to begin the mapping journey. In this module, we’ll look at standards and objectives and how they tie into our curriculum maps. And – a biggie – teaching from PASSION, not pressure, as we consider the curriculum as nourishment for the child’s soul.

Challenging & Difficult Children

Ah the brain is so complex – we’ll do a brief session on brain anatomy to gain a deeper understanding of the why behind the behavior. We’ll look at ways to help children with impulsivity, inattentive behaviors, OCD, ODD, Autism & Asperger’s.

Plus you can earn credit hours!

Certificate of Training

Each module comes with its own certificate for professional development hours. You can earn 22+ credit hours with this roadmap!

Here’s what’s possible for YOU when you jump into the training inside the membership…

“It’s been easier to achieve our academic goals since I joined the membership! It’s been so amazing to see that happening. And because of my training with Sally and what I was accomplishing, I got promoted to Kindergarten from nursery — they wanted me to set up similar programming in that grade level and lead by example. When other teachers saw the difference it was making, and how the kids responded, they started implementing, too. And when the parents come to pick up their son or daughter, the kids don’t want to leave! Parents tell us how their child can’t wait to come back to school.”


“I’ve become a much better observer of children – I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in their imagination since learning more about Reggio with Sally. I have learned how to truly respect children and where they’re at. I embrace my teaching style and feel more confident in what I’m doing.”

Shirley Rempel

“The Membership makes me excited again — Sally’s enthusiasm and effervescence are contagious. Every time I see one of those masterclasses or lessons… they stoke me up for going back into the classroom!”

Peggy Knock

… Here’s how we keep things fresh, interactive & supportive inside The Wonder Tribe membership…

1x Monthly Wonder Based Teaching Zoom Calls Join Sally once a month and get personal coaching on your implementation of your personal Wonder Based Teaching path.

Weekly Zoom Chats with Wonder Coaches You will have access to Live Zoom Calls EVERY WEEK! The Wonder Coaches are here to share strategies, ideas, inspiration and be a space where you can ask questions, you have support, you have a community. .

24/7 PEER SUPPORT Get VIP access to a private Facebook community JUST FOR MEMBERS of like-minded educators from all over the world. Find novel ideas, advice & lasting connections to support you around the clock.

GUEST PRESENTER TRAININGS: Trainings from leaders around the world so you have access to the newest thinking in ECE, innovative ideas, and help with unique situations. Plus you get access to our guest trainings like:

Holy rainbow-colored macaroni, right?

Sounds like I’m promising a lot, eh? That’s because I am!

Here’s why member Helen Meissner finds such value in the membership…

“One thing I appreciate about Sally is her ability to speak clearly about all aspects of education — and her clear manner of presentation along with her passion for seeing children and other adults learn. She has been in the trenches and understands the challenges and pitfalls. And the fact that there’s always training available — year-round for lifetime value? I love that I can go home at the end of a busy day and get some quality training or time with a quality interview or article without spending a lot of time trying to find something useful to me. Plus, I can always go back and revisit later. And the community she has created and built for us? Having peers I can draw from is an amazing resource to have at my fingertips.”

Helen Meissner

So what makes the Fairy Dust Membership so different from other programs out there?


You get dynamic, world-class comprehensive training on everything you need — and want — all in one membership: You’ll be feeling confident in no time and implementing Reggio-inspired and Wonder-based Learning like the super star you are.


You get cutting-edge methods & strategies: We’ve had our share of subpar trainings — and we know how annoying that is when you’ve set aside some precious time and get nothing out of it — we won’t do that to you. We provide cutting-edge methods & strategies chock-block full of aha’s and inspiration.


You get real-person, live support: Whether you’re starting to buckle under pressure from admin, colleagues or parents, or you need help with implementation, documentation or any other aspect of wonder-based learning, we have live sessions every week to work through what’s on your mind.


You get a support community available to you 24/7: Our private FB group has members from around the world and that means our group is pretty active round the clock. Whether you need a lift, a laugh or a lesson idea — or share revelations & rebel cries – you’ve got hundreds of us in there — and we’re growing all the time.


You get new trainings every month: I’ve got a stash of ideas & plans — but I also want to know what YOU need — tell me what it is and I’ll develop it!


And you get to access all the above whenever and wherever you choose: At 7am on a Sunday morning — still in your flannel p.j.’s — sipping coffee, cozied up on your couch with the cat purring at your feet… or sipping some tea after you’ve put your own kiddos to bed and it’s finally quiet…an inspiration or solution is just a few minutes away…

BUT SALLY, HOW DO I KNOW IF THE WONDER TRIBE MEMBERSHIP IS PERFECT FOR ME? Let me see if I can help you (and honestly, if you’re still reading here, most likely it is perfect for you). The Membership can help you go from struggling alone, questioning yourself, or wondering how to provide your students with expert, wonder-based learning, to feeling confident, skilled & inspired. Here are the most common reasons why educators join the membership…


Many inside the membership want to know how to create the most meaningful learning opportunities they can — and that usually means more on how to use Reggio-inspired practices like: Loose Parts Provocation Invitations Art & Atelier Storytelling Documentation Outdoor Learning Planning, organizing & classroom set-up Some are just starting their journeys into the Reggio world – so don’t worry about trying to do it all at once — it’s a process. Others may be further along – but that makes them a great support and idea person for you.


You want to know deeply about how children develop & learn. You want to make sure you’re challenging them enough, but too much. You want to figure out how to help your disruptive students and other perplexing behaviors. You want to know how to teach children so they develop & build a sense of: Well-being Peace Optimism Curiosity Playfulness Resilience Creativity Communication Connection Confidence & self-esteem There’s so much we weren’t taught in our coursework (or worse, taught incorrectly) about how young children develop. And we know there’s a heavy push on children to do more and be more than they can be at this stage. We can help children become what they are meant to be through our appropriate & intentional practice.


Some inside the membership are either in a leadership position – such as a director of a program or preschool owner, and others are teachers who want to inspire change in those around them… they have questions like: How can I get others to grab the passion for Reggio? How can I provide my teachers with effective training so they can become the magical teachers I know they can be? How DO I inspire my staff – to get them to see what I see and share my vision? How can I encourage them and be a positive support for them? How do I bring new teachers up-to-speed – how do I explain our program clearly so new teachers will embrace it? How do I help staff understand the impact Reggio-inspired learning makes on children, staff, families and the community. How do I keep my private program in business when more and more public schools are offering free preschool? Being the director or the lead teacher has its own challenges. I would never leave you to figure it out on your own. There is a huge need for support for this group of educators — and you’ll have it in The Wonder Tribe Membership.


If you’re in an academic environment where data collection and common core standards reign supreme, chances are you’re not sure how to incorporate Reggio-inspired learning. You may be wondering, how do I… Incorporate play into a curriculum-driven program? Help parents embrace what I’m doing — and help them understand the why behind it? Blend wonder-based learning into my teaching while still meeting demands placed on me by the school? Lead the way for change at my school — how can I open a dialogue about using a wonder-based program inside a school driven by legislative have-to’s We are all sickened by the trickle-down of academics into the early years. There are more and more of us working hard to change that trend, but the fact is, many teachers must comply with certain expectations, testing & standards for now. We can’t ignore that. The Wonder Tribe Membership can show you how to infuse Reggio-based learning throughout the day in an academic-heavy environment.




Reggio Inspired Trainings: VALUE $2,100


Storytelling Masterclasses : VALUE $1,950


Teaching Mastery Masterclasses : VALUE $2,100


Additional Masterclasses for a Deep Dive into Topics : VALUE $2,300


Additional Modules: VALUE $4,800


Monthly Office Hours: VALUE $1,500


Monthly Coaching Calls: VALUE $2,000


VIP Access to a Private Facebook Community: VALUE $3,000


ALL Bonuses (below): VALUE $1900



Get One Month Free!

Now… because I know this membership and all the goodness inside might read more like a fairytale than something true, real & guaranteed…

Allow me to introduce —

Your Cancel-At-Anytime

No Commitment Guarantee

I guarantee The Fairy Dust Membership will give you E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to become a skillful, confident, influential educator. If you get in there and don’t experience any of what I’ve described here today, you may cancel your membership ANYTIME with a simple click of a button (and I’ll even point out that magic button so you know exactly where the exit is). No questions, no begging you to stay, and no frowny faces next to your name. Guaranteed. So… what are you waiting for, my teaching friend? Get started on your the path of your choice!

And, with a sprinkle of the fairy dust, these were created with you in mind…


I can’t give you a car like Oprah { You get a car! — And you get a car! And—} But I can give you some super-duper fairy-dusted bonuses!

BONUS 01: MONTHLY INVESTIGATION PACKS: DONE FOR YOU LESSONS (Woohoo, right?) Each investigation pack features multiple provocations including materials, provoking questions, possible learning objectives, and extensions. Download & enjoy!

BONUS 02: THE ART OF ORGANIZATION Let’s go from chaos to organized! We’ll touch on the areas to think about, define what the purpose and intention of each area is, and determine what we REALLY need. You’ll be amazed at how easily and effortlessly your organized environment `helps children learn (and you’ll love what the sanity a well-organized room does for you!

BONUS 03: Done-For-You Fast Action Guides We wouldn’t ever want your nightstand to be without a stack of books, right? When you have a particular hankering for more intel on a specific topic, you just might find one of my ebooks hits the spot… with fast and easy ideas to use IMMEDIATELY!

“If I could offer a celebratory toast to Sally and all that I’ve accomplished with her teaching, guidance, wisdom and support, this is what I’d be celebrating…” “A teaching team that works collaboratively and lets kids be individuals who direct their own learning…teachers that are confident in their abilities to facilitate that for the kids – and fulfilled – while giving kids opportunities to discover who they are — what they’re interested in — & spark connections for future inquiry.”


The Wonder Tribe FAQs

1. Do I have to make time for the membership on a regular basis? I’m so busy!
Short answer — no. You do you. Some weeks you may have an hour, some weeks you may have 10 minutes, and others you may have no time at all. You might have a crazy-busy month and ghost us for a bit. Nobody’s keeping track of how much time you’re in there.
2. Anything to do with tech stresses me out — how hard is it to use the membership?
You aren’t alone in that! My team will support you and show you how to log in to the membership on our website, how to access the courses, how to get your certificates for hours, and how to set up and use Facebook so you can be part of our community there.
3. I don’t really know anything about Reggio or Waldorf - do I need some experience to join?
No, not at all! Everything you need to get started is inside — and you’ll find other members are all along the continuum — from NO experience to decades of experience.
4. I work in a high-stakes environment — so will I really get something out of this? I don’t have a lot of freedom to teach the way I want to.
Yes, you will — The Wonder Tribe Membership shows you how to infuse Reggio-based learning throughout the day in an academic-heavy environment, plus much of what you’ll have access to can be used in any classroom — such as our masterclasses on classroom organization & management. We’re troubled by the trickle down of academics into the early years. There are more and more of us working hard to change that trend, but the fact is, many teachers must comply with certain expectations, testing & standards for now. You’ll be surprised just how much this membership can impact and strengthen your teaching in any environment!
5. Is The Wonder Tribe only for teachers?
The membership is designed for anyone in early childhood care and/or education. Our members include certified teachers, teacher assistants, daycare owners, private preschool owners, directors of early childhood program and more. ANYone working with young children will benefit from The Wonder Tribe Membership!
6. Will my school pay for my membership?
Great question. There’s a good chance your school will cover your membership fee, if you request approval. We’ve made it super easy for you to request approval — just download this letter and give it to your supervisor or director. If you have any questions, or team is happy to help →