Partnering with Parents

Making Allies of the Parents of the Children You Teach


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Teacher Tom

We are honored to roll out Teacher Tom's first online e-course.  Tom “Teacher Tom” Hobson is an early childhood educator, international speaker, education consultant, teacher of teachers, parent educator, and author.

He is best known, however, for his namesake blog Teacher Tom's Blog, where he has posted daily for over a decade.

For nearly two decades Teacher Tom was the sole employee of the Woodland Park Cooperative School, a parent-owned and operated school, knit together by Teacher Tom's democratic, progressive play-based pedagogy.

Today, Teacher Tom travels around the world (Greece, Iceland, Australia, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Canada, UK, and across the US) sharing his views on early childhood education, play, and pedagogy.

He authored his first book, aptly named Teacher Tom’s First Book, and is looking forward to the release of Teacher Tom’s Second Book in March, 2020.

Here's a deeper look at what

will be covered in this online course:

SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE!  Talking With Parents About These “Interesting” Times

We've suddenly found ourselves in uncharted waters. Teacher Tom offers his perspective and tips for how we can support families to stay safe while letting their children process events through their play. We will emerge from these times as heroes.

Episode 1: Parents Are the Best! Parents Are the Worst!

Parents and teachers should be natural allies, yet all too often our relationships are full of challenges. Teacher Tom digs into the guilt, fear, and anxiety driving modern parents and what we can do about it.

Episode 2: Communicating with Parents

The foundation of forging productive relationships with parents is communication. Teacher Tom offers his insights into how we can use effective, timely, honest communication to manage expectations, build relationships, and communicate about difficult issues.

Episode 3: Talking to Parents About Play-Based Education

We live in an era when the principles of play-based education are not just misunderstood, but even attacked by those seeking to turn even preschools into “academic” institutions and parents are confused. Teacher Tom provides insight on how you can help parents to really understand what and how their children learn through play.

Episode 4: Talking to Parents About Risky Play

It is impossible to talk about play-based education without talking about risk, a challenging subject in this era of helicopter parenting. Teacher Tom explains why risk is essential to learning and how we can best help parents understand, accept, and even celebrate their child's risk taking.

Episode 5: Talking to Parents About Special Needs Children

Students with special needs are valuable and important members of our communities, even if some of their behaviors are challenging for everyone. Teacher Tom talks about how including parents in the process of creating classroom equity can benefit not just the children with special needs, but everyone.

Episode 6: Talking to Parents About Discipline (and everything else for that matter!)

Getting on the same page with parents about discipline can be a difficult, but transformative experience. Teacher Tom talks about alternatives to punishments and rewards and how to teach parents a better way.

“Teachers and parents are natural allies, but all too often we find ourselves working at cross purposes or even against one another. It doesn't have to be that way.”
– Teacher Tom

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