Teaching Young Children Virtually


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Here's the bootcamp schedule:

BONUS: Tech Package

  • Zoom Trainings
  • Google Trainings
  • Loom Trainings
  • Powerpoint Trainings
  • Video Editing Trainings
  • Youtube Trainings
  • Details further down this page!!

DAY 1: Designing an Online Routine for Young Children

  • The Why of Your Online Gathering
  • How to Structure Your Online Class with DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice)
  • Importance of Arrival and Departure Routines
  • Arrival Routine Ideas 
  • Departure Routine Ideas

DAY 2: Bringing Engagement in Your Virtual Time Together

  • The Principles of Virtual Engagement
  • Oral Storytelling
  • Watch Sally Demo Online with Children on Zoom

DAY 3: Designing Your Virtual Circle Time

  • Designing Your Virtual Circle Time
  • Undenible Benefits of Songs, Games, Rhymes, and Fingerplays
  • Planning Forms
  • Fingerplays & Games
  • Question of the Day
  • Best Books to Read
  • Math Rhymes & Games
  • Literacy Rhymes & Games
  • Stuff Animal Games
  • Color Rhymes & Games
  • Lap Time with Parents/Toddlers
  • Special Kindergarten and First Grade Support, Resources and Ideas

DAY 4: Virtual Classroom Management

  • Rethinking Teaching Online
  • Using Materials Around Your Home to Engage
  • How to Manage Everyone Talking at Once
  • Simple Puppetry Techniques
  • Squeals and All the Feels
  • Tips and Tricks of Capturing Attention Virtually
  • Using Powerpoint as a Visual Attention Aid 
  • 3 Counting Rhyme powerpoints to download and use

DAY 5: Virtual Provocations and Invitations

  • How to Implement Virtual Provocations & Invitations
  • Auditory Lab Inquiry 
  • The Sound Lab with download
  • Visual Lab Inquiry
  • The Line Labs with downloads
  • Household Items as Provocation
  • Puppetry Ideas for Children

DAY 6: Working with Families Virtually

  • Virtual Parent Gatherings – Why and How
  • How to Support Families in this Crisis
  • Family Sight Activity Guide
  • Family Listening Activity Guide
  • Bingo Board Activities for Families

BONUS: Assessing Virtually

ZOOM Trainings

  • How to use Zoom
  • How to use Zoom from your phone
  • Tips for using Zoom
  • Visual Guide – Basics of Zoom
  • Best way to share music on Zoom
  • How to use Zoom's white board

GOOGLE Trainings

  • Google Meet Tutorial
  • Basics of Google Classroom
  • How to make a Google form


  • How use Powerpoint
  • How to add Youtube video to Powerpoint
  • How to build a Powerpoint counting rhyme

YOUTUBE Trainings

  • How to open a Youtube account
  • How to send a Youtube video
  • How to download from Zoom and upload to Youtube

LOOM Trainings

  • How to use Loom for making videos
  • How to check audio on Loom
  • How to load a website or powerpoint on Loom


  • How to edit a video with Headliner
  • How to edit a video with Animoto
  • How to edit a video with Camtasia
  • How to convert MOV to MP4
No one prepared us for teaching young children virtually.  What really matters?  How can we meet the needs of children and keep the rhythm of school?

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