The Wonder Pack

A Collection of 4 Wonder Trainings 

Just $20!

These power-packed, brief trainings have been designed to provide you strategies you can apply to your classroom immediately! Each video is no more than 15 minutes in length and gives you quick and actionable takeaways.

In this training, you will learn a very simple but powerful way to begin to see the bounty of STEM already unfolding in your teaching practice.

  • Learn the vocabulary of STEM specific to play-based education.
  • The Mindset Shift for seeing STEM everywhere in your classroom.
  • 3 simple steps to enhance STEM in your classroom.


In this this training, you will learn to deepen your observational awareness  through three “Attention to Details” practices.

  • The little known exercise that develop a keen observation practice (from my Waldorf training).
  • How to develop a “sixth” sense about the children in your care.



In this training, you will learn the 3 major developmental stages of clay play plus recommended play invitations for each stage.


  • Learn the foundation vocabulary of clay play
  • How I introduce clay and provide developmentally appropriate clay play invitations

In this training, you will learn my 3 primary practices of child guidance. The truth of the matter is that children feel your intention (your feelings and thoughts about them) whether you hide or not.


  • The power of “marvel” eyes
  • The place of true power when dealing with challenging behavior and so much more!

Come with me as I walk you through everything from academics, to art, to connecting with and supporting children deeply – and take away quick and powerful action items from each training.

This exclusive collection of trainings isn't found anywhere else!

Give yourself and your teaching heart this special gift.

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