The Third Teacher


A Comprehensive Training for Early Childhood Educators
The Third Teacher is one of the most powerful teaching tools for children's engagement and curiosity in the classroom!
The Third Teacher Framework
In this training you will learn how to approach empowering your third teacher with The Third Teacher framework.  This is a sequential approach.

Completely online!

Work at your own pace!

Earn a 6-hour PD Certificate!

Training One: The Third Teacher
What is the third teacher and why does it matter?  In this training you will get a deep dive into the power of your environment.  I will introduce you to my system and how it works.

  • What is the third teacher and why it is so important
  • 4 Simple Steps to find where to start your classroom transformation
  • Third Teacher Assessment Tool
  • How clutter impacts learning and play
  • A $100 Classroom Transformation
Training Two: Color Harmony
Color impacts not only behavior but how children process information.  Quickly learn how to make ANY color in your space work and how to reduce visual clutter.

  • How color impacts children
  • Color Assessment Tool
  • Color Palette Tool
  • Peek into a Color Classroom Transformation
Training Three: The Line Vibe
Line has a huge impact of how calm a classroom feels.  This can help keep children focused and on task.

  • How line impacts the feeling of clutter
  • Line Assessment Tool
  • The Line Solution System
  • View Line Classroom Transformations
Training Four: Balanced Views
Balance is the key to capturing children's attention and engagement.

  • The Balance Action Plan
  • Balance Assessment Tool
  • The Secrets fo Symmetry and Asymmetry
  • A Peek into Classroom Transformations
Training Five: The Texture Secret
In this training, we examine how texture is the secret key to a highly effective Third Teacher.

  • How texture and pattern define your classroom
  • The Texture Action Plan
  • The Texture Assessment Tool
  • Peek into classroom transformations

Training Six: The Lighting Formula

Learn how to give the Third Teacher wonder and magic through the 4 dimensions of lighting.

  • How lighting is often the missing magical element in the classroom
  • The Lighting Formula Action Plan
  • The Lighting Assessment Tool
  • Peek into classroom transformations

Training Seven: The Nature Code

Nature has the biggest transformational capacity of any single element.  Learn how nature will not only change your environment visually but also improve the health and well-being of the children.

  • How to use nature to inspire curiosity and interest
  • The Nature Action Plan
  • The Nature Assessment Tool
  • Peek into classroom transformations using nature!

BONUS:  Feng Shui For the Classroom

Learn how the principles of Feng Shui can help you identify places of chaos in your classroom

  • How energy moves and how it can reveal “trouble spots”
  • How to repair those trouble spots.
  • How the art of Feng Shui can be applied to your classroom transformation.
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“Thanks for leading me through the process what is working and what not and why.”
The Creator: Sally Haughey
Sally Haughey is the founder and owner of Fairy Dust Teaching, a company committed to the growth and empowerment of teachers around the globe.

After 20 years of successfully teaching in various school settings (church, private, federal, poverty, urban, suburban and wealth), she has committed herself to what she loves most: empowering and inspiring teachers! Her focus is to provide a deeper level of service and training to other teachers with transformational techniques.

Sally has been providing online education and training for over 7 years. To date, she has trained over 6,000 teachers worldwide!

Learn how to make your Third Teacher a powerhouse in your classroom.


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Fairy Dust Teaching has provided training to over 6,000 early childhood educators from around the world!

“I love how you identified the third teacher as a “she” or living resource. I have made many changes to rid my vision of bright plastics and clutter. Each change is an improvement and yet I know there is so much more change to come. It is difficult to not want every beautiful wooden building block in the photos, but I appreciate the affirmation that this takes time. I am beyond excited to continue being inspired.”

Fairy Dust Teaching Graduate

“It’s so easy to identify areas of strength in our environments, but how insightful to look at not only ‘troublesome’ but ‘weak’. I had never thought the spectrum that ‘troublesome’ can incorporate… both destructive areas and rarely used areas can require the same interventions. I had never heard of SWOT before, and I definitely like it. I also like the chart that creates a quick snapshot of areas used and materials provided.”

“The most valuable part was the examples included in the modules. It was easy to see how the Reggio concepts transformed the classroom and made it easy to identify where my problem areas may be.”
” I loved the tours of classrooms accompanied by the interviews with the wonderfully creative teachers.”
“I like the fact that we are encourages to take our time, assess, think things through and not suggested to change the entire classroom at once which can feel daunting.”

Transform your classroom with this exciting Third Teacher training!

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