Customer Connection Team Member

Company Mission: Fairy Dust Teaching has a mission to bring play activated learning as the gold standard to early childhood education. 

Here are essential truths that drive the company: 

  • -Play drives academics and development.
  • -We are not approach led, we believe the true magic is in child led learning and that relationships are the currency. 
  • -We honor and respect every educator, parent, administrator, and other members of this community on where they are at in this journey. 

Part Time Customer Connection Description

We are looking for a part time customer connection team member to help support and nurture our community members. This person will not only answer customer service tickets, but bring in a WOW factor and constantly look at how to up level CS, our systems and processes, and efficiency. We want every customer to feel seen, heard, and valued. Through personal connection and attention to detail, we are aiming to create world class customer service.

We have a global community, so this person must feel comfortable navigating conversations with a diverse group of people and be aware of the diverse perspectives brought to each ticket. Behind each ticket is a person with different experiences and perspectives from the previous person.

We will provide intensive training on our company approach, but candidates must feel comfortable with learning new software programs and have some familiarity with early childhood education, specifically play based learning. 

To ensure the experience is personal and built around connections, we strive to respond to tickets within 24 hours of receiving the ticket. Because of this goal, this position is centered around weekend hours in the morning and the evening. 

Here are some things you will need to do in order to produce the kind of results we are looking for:

- Answer tickets within 24 hours 

- Be proactive with getting customers results

- Seek to improve the processes within CS

- Think one step ahead with customer needs (this comes into play beyond CS)  

(You have a front row seat to hearing about other areas of Fairy Dust that may need attention from different team members).

-Work from a desktop/laptop

-Attend LIVE zoom calls to stay connected to the community.

-You’ll need basic technology skills and a willingness to learn programs you don’t know. This is an online company, so being familiar with technology is a necessity.

You will fit in great if you:

-Have passion and care for Early Childhood Education/Wonder Based Teaching

-Strive to be a WOW with everything and everyone

-Fresh and innovative

- Are passionate and inspired

-Are a solution seeker. We have protocols for trying to answer your own questions first. We love people taking initiative in learning and offering solutions.

-Follow protocols and systems, while giving feedback about ways we can improve.

-Pivot easily. Sometimes processes and expectations change quickly around here.

This position is an hourly position, with a starting pay at 25 USD per hour + opportunities for bonuses and raises. We standardize and publish hourly rates as a way of practicing our commitment to equity. This position has flexible weekend hours and we support work from home/anywhere practices. We also happily provide a $500 stipend per year professional/personal development to help support team members goals and innovative ideas. 

Future Growth Opportunities: This position is a part time position with a standardized hourly rate. Over time, this position can grow into an increase in hours, an increase in hourly pay, and/or into a full time position. We support personal growth and work on building connections with the community along with our own team members. As you grow within the company, we look at also growing your position.

Our Values:

Relationships: We believe in building professional and authentic relationships with our customers, co-workers, and communities. 

Service: We believe in service first and profit second. We continually strive to honor customers through relational customer service and are dedicated to being innovative in the ways we serve our customers.

Equity: We believe every child has the right to play and look at ways to make sure all children are taken into consideration with our work. We also believe in equity in our company practices and policies and are continuously striving to evaluate where we can improve.

Adaptability: Our driving force is our customers and we believe in being adaptable, having the ability to shift our work and focus based on the needs of our company and community.

Community: We believe we are better together. We have a strong connection to our customer community, our team/company community, and our philanthropic communities. 

This job is right for you if you are committed to making play activated learning the gold standard in early childhood education globally. You believe all children are whole and complete human beings now, and their curiosity and wonder should lead their education. You believe that play activated learning is the academic approach and the developmentally appropriate approach. You also believe in play equity and that every child has the right to play. You are committed to early childhood educators being seen as the experts and you honor and respect all people who enter our space. 

Application Process:

Click Here to apply.

-Fill out the survey application

-Submit your resume directly into the application

-Submit the mini project directly into the application

-Deadline to submit: Monday June 14th, by 1pm CST.

***IMPORTANT: Due to the volume of applications, we will only be notifying the top 10. If you do not hear from us by Thursday, June 17th at 6pm CST, you did not move on to round 2. 

Round 2 interviews will take place June 18th and June 19th, if you make it to round 2, there will be a fast turn around for interviews.

Mini Project

  • Please create a FAQ sheet for these 5 commonly asked Play Summit questions. 
  • We are looking at how you have structured the FAQ sheet keeping in mind our mission and values.
  • We are intentionally leaving this open ended to see what you come up with on your own.
  • If you don't know the answer, no worries. We are less concerned with the answer being 100% correct vs. how you respond. 
    • 1. Is this summit really free?
    • 2. Is this PD recognized in my area?
    • 3. Help! I can’t login to my account.
    • 4. What if I miss a session or a day?
    • 5. Where does this summit take place

Explicit Inclusion

We are a company that highly values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and those who hold other marginalized identities to apply. 

We thank you all for your interest in working with us and for taking the time to fill out an application.

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