Part Time Content Creator

We are looking for a part-time virtual content creator (work from home). With this position, you will be helping Fairy Dust Teaching create content that is applicable to early childhood educators, parents, daycare workers, directors, etc.

We are looking for someone with fresh and innovative ideas that can be applied to play-based education.

We are looking for someone who can work alongside the team to create content that:
– Is in line with a social-constructivist pedagogical approach
– Includes projects about real life concepts that are of interest to the children
– Builds understanding of processes, and encourages critical thinking and discovery – not art and crafts focused on the final product
– Inspires children to investigate and research
– Inspires and supports teachers to develop knowledge of early childhood development theories and approaches such as those in play-based, inquiry-based and Reggio Emilia

Responsibilities and duties:
– Enthusiastically participate in team meetings to brainstorm and discuss concepts and creative ideas for content development, big Ideas, inquiry webs, play invitations, videos, conferences, e-books, practical guides and other materials for educators
– Produce high quality photos for current projects
– Develop spaces and materials in your setting in ways that reflect Fairy Dust Teaching principles, this means you will be setting up invitations and provocations to take photographs that we will use for Fairy Dust Teaching materials
– Have access to children and permission to photograph them – signed permission from families to take photos of the children is required, we will provide a consent form
– Seek pictures, references and resources to use in Fairy Dust Teaching materials
– Encourage wonder within your projects
– Review and apply Wonder Based Teaching practices within projects
– You’ll need technology skills and a willingness to learn programs you don’t know. This is an online company, so being familiar with technology is a necessity
– Understand and suggest ways to weave the arts, the 100 languages and thinking routines in projects

With this position, we expect you to work 15 hours a week during the 5 day work week.

Access to all Fairy Dust Teaching courses, we buy books, courses, and provide $500 professional development stipend to help you grow.

Financial Growth.
We reward results with bonuses and raises based on performance.

Hourly Pay for Part Time Work
Based on experience and expertise.



DEADLINE to apply is February 8h at 5 PM CST.

To apply for this position, you must fill out the application form HERE and attach your resume and Project Assignment (see below for instructions).

IMPORTANT! You will not be considered unless you have attached your project within the application. You can not submit it later.

Project Assignment Instructions
Project should be submitted as a PDF.

The intention of this mini project is to see evidence of your work and what you bring to the table. Additionally, we want to see how you can work with a big idea and create multiple play-based learning experiences.

Page 1: Create a web based on one big idea that you think would be interesting and meaningful for children, ages 2-6, to investigate. Include:

__driving questions that supports your intentionality when exploring that Big Idea

__at least 5 possible play invitations

__a short description for each play invitation so we can have a vision of what you are suggesting

Page 2: Elaborate one of the play invitations from your web. Include:

__key benefits/ acquired skills

__a step-by-step so teachers can set it up

__ 2-3 provocation questions for the teacher to use during the play that can support, provoke or scaffold child exploration

__1 photograph

__materials list

__1-2 ideas to extend that play invitation

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