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A Monthly Sprinkling of Play-Based Learning Practices for Your Class

These uncertain times call for Wonder!
Will YOU answer the call?

The virtual Wonder Box is a monthly subscription that delivers play-based education ideas for early childhood educators.

WE provide you with a wealth of play-based invitations for the children you teach. 

YOU bring a passion for educating young children for the future of our planet!

How It Works

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Sign Up!

It’s fast and easy. In less than 2 minutes you can be opening up your first treasure trove of play invitations.

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Immediately after you sign up, you’ll receive instructions on how to access your first virtual Wonder Box

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Open Up!

Then, each month on the 15th, you will receive a delightful NEW virtual box of Wonder Sparks, conveniently delivered to your inbox.

only $34/month

No obligation, cancel anytime (but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to!)

A Virtual Play Box Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

Each month you will receive a new virtual box of play invitations designed to make it easy and fun to bring the best in play-based education to your class -- whether virtual or in-person. You’ll look forward to opening a new Wonder Box filled with surprises every month!

Everything you need is included: an overarching “big idea” for each month, coordinating play invitations, clear photo directions, and specific guidance on developmentally appropriate practice.

(Recommended for ages 2-6.)

A Treasure Trove

You’ll receive over 40 play invitations every month to share with the children you teach.

Monthly Big Idea

You’ll get a new “big idea” each month that provides a clarifying lens for each and every play invitation.

Detailed Instructions

Each play invitation comes with a photograph and detailed instructions so you’re never confused. 

Recommended Book List

Each box includes a list of TOP recommended books to read to your class that complement and expand the monthly big idea.

Exclusive Downloadable eStory

You’ll also get at least one eStorybook each month, written by Sally Haughey, Founder of the Wonder Box. These specially-written stories are available ONLY inside the Wonder Box!

Giving Children Independence!

The Wonder Box is based on the idea that children are capable and competent. Each box helps you support the growth of their competency and give them the independence they need!


The ONLY “Wonder-Based” Education Plan
Specially Created For Children Ages 2-6

As an early childhood educator, you are often charged with teaching “the basics” so the children you teach are “ready” for big kid school.⁣ Yet, research shows (and your experience bears this out, right?) that worksheets and rote learning are not what will truly prepare our children for academic learning.⁣ They are like empty calories. Junk food.

The Wonder Box provides the children you teach with the most amazing brain food on the planet. Top nutrition tailored for young minds. Early education fueled by WONDER, and ONLY available here.

What’s Inside Each Box of Wonder?

Each month is a surprise! You’ll open your VIRTUAL Wonder Box to find it spilling over with play invitations and ideas to spark your teaching practice. Enjoy unboxing your exclusive package on the 15th of each month, and discovering a wealth of wonder-based learning that you can deliver the following month.

Play Adventures


My Best How-To's


Teaching Tips & Tricks


Details On Each Play Invitation


Investigation Packs


Downloadable eStory


Plus, the digital Wonder Box is a philosophy. We believe as educators we are here for the future of our children, and the future of the world. As early childhood educators, we really can change the course of a life.

That’s why we are here to do more than just provide educational invitations - we are here to help build tomorrow! And our play-based solutions make learning not just effective, but easy and FUN.

Bring WONDER to your classroom - whether virtual or in person -- and invest in the future of young minds, by signing up for a virtual Wonder Box subscription today.

Ready To Play? We Got Your Back!


only $14.97/month

This special  pricing ends December 15, 2020



Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.06.38 AM

Introducing Painting Educator's Guide

100 pages, 33 Play Invitations

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.00.08 AM

Introducing Mark Making Educator's Guide

61 pages, 24 Play Invitations

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.24.38 AM

Eye Spy Vincent Van Gogh

Investigation of 5 Paintings

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.17.52 AM

Mark Making Detective Home Pack

31 pages, 20 Activities

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.29.03 AM

Starry, Starry Night


Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 5.56.21 PM

Setting Up Blocks Educator's Guide

82 pages by Sandra Duncan and Christine Burkholder

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 6.49.06 PM

Letter Investigator Home Pack

Letter Recognition Activities


Done For You Projection Lesson Plans

8 Weeks Worth!

BONUS: The Wonder Maker System of Emergent Curriculum

Essentials Box

Only $34/month

Is Wonder Box right for YOU and your class?

If you’re committed to making your classroom (virtual or otherwise) a place of joy and possibility for the young lives in your care -- then you are a WONDER WARRIOR and we would love to welcome you into our monthly program.


Wonder Box is perfect for children ages 2 to 6


Wonder Box appeals to both boys and girls

woman at computer

No specialized experience is needed -- we provide ALL the instructions


Perfect for in-person OR virtual classes!
We COV-er absolutely everything you need to keep young minds delighted, engaged -- and out of rascally shenanigans, even when online or partially distanced in class.

The best


About Sally Haughey, Founder of The Wonder Box...

I’m Sally Haughey, CEO and Founder of Fairy Dust Teaching, an online education platform that helps you do what you do best: be the best teacher you can be that makes a difference in your students’ lives. Fairy Dust Teaching is built on a passion for the wonder and magic of early childhood. We reach tens of thousands of early childhood educators every day who believe young children have the right to play, to be collaborators in learning, and to dream.

I’ll never forget the first moment I stood in front of my first classroom 24 years ago. All 18 young eyes were fixed on me, and it was the most sacred moment. I realized these children trusted me -- and I vowed never to take that trust lightly. I’m sure you feel the same about the children you teach, which is why everything I create to help other educators is imbued with intention and authenticity. Your trust is as important to me as YOUR commitment to provide an outstanding education for the young minds in your care.

With the Wonder Box, we aim to bring you the tools to meet today’s unique challenges with virtual and in-person learning, with the underlying belief that the true curriculum is the child. We provide a vast, richly varied array of ideas and practices inspired from all over: Waldorf, Reggio, Montessori, unschooling, you name it. (I sometimes say I’m a “pirate” because I’ve stolen ALL the best educational resources and brought them together into one!)

At the end of the day, we believe that peace on the planet begins and ends with how we educate our children. Now, more than ever, our children’s education will play a role in how we shape the world to come. I hope you’ll join us!

Why Choose The Wonder Box?

The Wonder Box is an exciting virtual box of unique wonder-based educational activities that you’ll look forward to “unpacking” each month. But it’s MUCH more than a collection of ideas. It’s a way of approaching early education that takes on the idea of transforming early childhood. Dedicated to wonder-based early educators -- the Wonder Box gives YOU the tools to ignite a child’s passion for learning. To unleash critical thinking through wonder and curiosity.⁣⁣ To build amazing neuro-pathways inside the architecture of a child’s brain through following the child’s interest.

Now, more than ever, we educators are called to build trust with the children we teach, by seeing, hearing, and valuing each child as a full citizen, a partner in their own education.⁣

It all begins with the Wonder Box -- packed with ideas and tools to strengthen the educational bond between you and the children you teach, so you can give them the best you have to give. NO MATTER WHAT.

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Only $34/month



Send us a message at asksally@fairydustteaching.com

 and we’ll get right back to you!